Golden Mile Productions


As associated partners with ONSIGHT, we can offer facilities to fulfill your creative and technical needs for both post production and production.

This unique and flexible end-to-end solution comprises of 2 divisions -Cameras supplies high-end cameras, lenses and equipment rental out of Shepperton Studios. Post provides full post production in central London from data management to grading and mastering, in addition to Edit Rental systems.

Whether the divisions work seamlessly together or take on separate projects, we can count on great facilities, unrivalled expertise and a friendly service.

  • Over 25 years’ experience delivering leading formats
  • Knowledge across the shoot & post - Passion for quality content
  • Investment in R&D & new technology
  • Reliable staff, including Colourists, Technicians & Bookings staff
  • Close ties with key manufacturers & trade bodies
  • Offices in central London & Shepperton Studios

Full Post Productions services including:

  • Offline and edit support
  • Conform, Online and Grading in DCI 4K projection theatres
  • 2D-3D conversion
  • Audio tracklay, sound design and mixing
  • Quality Assurance and Deliverables
  • Asset Management and delivery Portal
  • Camera rental services



Golden Mile Productions