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Wrong Place Wrong Time

Wrong Place Wrong Time

The Movie (Pre Production From Book To Screen)

Author David P Perlmutter, Director TBC
This true story about David P Perlmutter is currently an award winning book topping the Amazon charts with JK Rowling.
Filming UK, Malaga, Marbella – Filming Date Autumn 2021

A young London lad heads to Marbella seeking adventure only to be framed for arson and manslaughter by the corrupt Spanish police. Follow on Twitter @davepperlmutter and on Facebook Wrong Place Wrong Time: The Movie for all the latest news and reviews

Wrong Place Wrong Time is currently a #1 BESTSELLER in the UK and Australia! This true story has also been a #1 BESTSELLER in various categories in America, Spain, Canada, Germany, France and Japan, with over ONE THOUSAND 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ reviews across Amazon and social media:

⭐️ The best book I’ve read in ages.
⭐️ Reading for the third time, it’s that good.
⭐️ The story will make a FANTASTIC Movie.
⭐️ I felt I was a fly on the wall whilst reading.
⭐️ I know this a clique, but I generally couldn’t put the book down.
⭐️ Walk the streets of Marbella with David, I promise you, you won’t be disappointed.

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⭐️The fanbase for this book and the author is WORLDWIDE.

⭐️ Funding for this movie project has been secured.

⭐️ Top actors have been linked to this movie project.  

Currently attached the very talented Craig McGinlay (King Arthur:Legend of The Sword, Outlander & Knightfall)

Vanessa Eichholz (Known for Hellboy & Lost In Space)

Click here to view Alison Cuddy Retracing The Steps of David P Perlmutter in Marbella.

More Cast announcements very soon!


The Adventures Of Tom McGuire

Wrong Place Wrong Time

In Development From Book To TV

Award Winning Book Series compared with Narnia, Neverending Story & Harry Potter, A young Game of Thrones

Working with Iconic Producer Martin G Baker known for Jim Henson Co working on ‘The Muppets, The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth

Screenwriters- Dennis Edwards known for Beauty & The Beast Original Treatment, Producer of SpaceJam and working on many childrens & family projects with Walt Disney & many more. Richard Lasser Known for Walking with the Enemy (2013)The Counting House (2007)The Chosen Few (2002)I Scream (2007)

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A ten year old boy frequents a magical and mystical place, which he discovers at school. Here he meets with his friend Jambalee, who is the leader of the Lupans and Dillyans. They embark on perilous adventures meeting creatures and beings in a parallel world. Tom is asked to rescue the U-Targs and therefore has to confront a serpent with a hundred heads. He crosses the Circle of Life and confronts the Old oak tree, battling his way through a maze of marshes and hazards along the way. Jambalee a loyal servant to Lindiarna is aware of all her powers, he is also aware that Tom is her son; and therefore he wishes to protect and guard him from Morkann and King Polyectes. Tom battles with his thoughts, realising he is the grandson of a great war Lord. Morkann is really an arch enemy of his mother, and wants revenge.